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This is my personal blog primarily around application security. Feel free to have a look around and enjoy. Signup to get notified of any new posts.
Personal blog of application security advocate, blogging about application security related topics, focused primarily on web based applications.
User Enumeration
password 3 min read

User Enumeration

Blog on why user enumeration is a security risk, especially for systems such as password managers.…
Resetting Broken Password Advice
password 5 min read

Resetting Broken Password Advice

Blog post explaining some of the outdated advice when it comes to best password practices and recommendations, and why they are no longer valid for today.…
Switching to AdGuard Home
dns 4 min read

Switching to AdGuard Home

A blog post covering my process and journey to switching to AdGuard Home from Pi-hole.…
A Retrospective of The Log4J Response
log4j 5 min read

A Retrospective of The Log4J Response

A retrospective of the industry's reaction to the Log4J vulnerability (CVE-2021-44228), with my own thoughts and opinions of how the industry reacted.…

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