Sean Wright

Sean Wright

Experienced application security engineer with an origin as a software developer. Primarily focused on web-based application security with a special interest in TLS and supply chain related subjects.
80 posts
Sean Wright
History Lessons public
4 min read

History Lessons

Post around how some of the previous issues that have been around for decades are still hampering us to this day.…
Making It To The Top, Or Not public
career 4 min read

Making It To The Top, Or Not

Blog covering my thoughts on what defines a successfully career, and some of the things that I’ve personally encountered along the way.…
User Enumeration public
password 3 min read

User Enumeration

Blog on why user enumeration is a security risk, especially for systems such as password managers.…
Resetting Broken Password Advice public
password 5 min read

Resetting Broken Password Advice

Blog post explaining some of the outdated advice when it comes to best password practices and recommendations, and why they are no longer valid for today.…
Phishing Campaigns as a Tool public
phishing 5 min read

Phishing Campaigns as a Tool

A blog post explaining the importance of internal phishing campaigns and why they can be an incredibly useful tool…
Switching to AdGuard Home public
dns 4 min read

Switching to AdGuard Home

A blog post covering my process and journey to switching to AdGuard Home from Pi-hole.…
Creating a Home Office public
home office 18 min read

Creating a Home Office

Blog covering how I set my home office up with some guidance for others how to do something similar.…
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