Free Training

Mar 27, 2019

So this is something which I've had planned for some time now. It was something which I was thinking about doing for a few years now, and Stuart Peck finally pushed me in the right direction last year. Even still I dragged my feet a bit until I finally bit the bullet and pushed forward and managed to get something up and running.

The goal of mine is to provide training content, which is freely available to anyone. This will hopefully help aid many in helping provide more secure software and help make the Internet a safer place for everyone.

My plan is to make this as interactive as possible, with live training sessions where others can ask questions as well as contribute. All training sessions will be recorded and be made available for future reference as well as for those who could not attent the live event. For content, I have created a new site where all content will be made available. You can find this new site at

Since I want this to be as open and collaborative as possible, I welcome any feedback as well as suggestions. You can send any feedback to [email protected], and I actively encourage you to please do so.

My first live training session is scheduled for Monday 15 April 2019. This event will be hosted on The Many Hats Club discord server, as well as being lived streamed on Twitch. Finally it will be recorded and be made available on YouTube.

Sean Wright

Lead Application Security SME at Immersive Labs with an origin as a software developer. Primarily focused on web based application security with a special interest in TLS related subjects.

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