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Current WFH (Work From Home) Resources

Current WFH (Work From Home) Resources
Resources added to this page were highlighting those companies who offered free services and discounts at the beginning of the recent pandemic. Given the current state of the pandemic, this list is now closed and no further items will be added.

Given the current circumstances, I thought I would correlate a list of companies who are providing free access to what are otherwise paid for services, given the current situation we find ourselves in. This is not an endorsement of any product or company, but merely a means of help sharing awareness of these resources with the aim of helping others gain access to them should they find it helpful to do so. A big thank you to all the companies doing this, it's really encouraging to see this community effort.

A big thank you to everyone who has helped provide suggestions, and recommendations for the list. In addition there is another site doing something similar (from which I took some resources as well):

Open for Business Hub
Small business is the lifeblood of the American economy. The recent COVID-19 outbreak is having a disproportionate impact on these businesses, who lack the resources of larger organizations to stay open.

If you have any resources which aren't listed please let me know, or comment below and I'll get them added to the list.

Current Listing


Discord is upping their current limit of the maximum of their Go Live streaming and screen share limit from 10 to 50 people:


1Password is offering 6 months of 1Password for Business for free:

Google Hangouts

Google is providing free access to their Hangouts Meet service:

Connecting businesses and educators with advanced Hangouts Meet capabilities | Google Cloud Blog
We’re rolling out free access to our advanced Hangouts Meet video-conferencing capabilities to help businesses and educators connect no matter where they’re located.


Zoom is has already removed the time limit on free accounts in regions such as China, it is now removing this time limit for any  K-12 schools affected in Japan, Italy and the United States. In order to get this, you will need to complete this form:


SentinelOne is offering free access to their platform:


Okta is providing providing the following free to all new customers:

  • Okta Single Sign-On (SSO) and Okta Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for up to 5 apps for all users.
  • Best Practices Guides and Community Access
  • Support and Training

These services will be available for 6 months, with the possibility of it being extended based on the current situation at that time. You can find out more about this offering in their blog:

Adopting a Remote Work Strategy? We’re Here to Help
Nothing is more important to us than the health and safety of our community, and we know many organizations feel the same. In response to the continually developing COVID-19 crisis, we’re seeing


Webex is now providing a free 90 day access to their service:

  • Unlimited usage
  • Support of up to 100 participants
  • Off of toll dial-in
Cisco Webex: Supporting customers during this unprecedented time
Due to global circumstances resulting from COVID-19 (Coronavirus disease), we are expanding the capabilities on our free Webex offer where it is available for those who are working from home.

Hack The Box

Hack The Box have double their EU and US Free Servers, to help ensure a better experience for those who don't have a paid for account:


In addition to Webex, Cisco has made the following services available:

  • Cisco Umbrella, a service which protects users from malicious Internet destinations. For existing customers, they can exceed their current user limit. New customers can obtain a 14 day trial which can be extended to 90 days after getting into contact with the Cisco sales team.
  • Duo Security is an identity management system. Existing customers can exceed their current user limit. New customers can obtain a free licence.
  • Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client which allows employees to from anywhere on company laptops and devices (essentially a VPN with additional features). Existing customers can exceed their current user limit. New customers can gain access to a free trial.
As the Number of Remote Workers Rises, Cisco Supports Customers with Expansion of Free Security Offerings - Cisco Blogs
As the number of remote workers rises, Cisco supports with expansion of free security offerings, including Cisco Umbrella, Cisco DUO and Cisco AnyConnect Mobility Client.


Cloudflare is offering the following:

  • Free seats of Cloudflare for teams for small businesses until 1 September.
  • Free 30 minute session with a technical expert.
Cloudflare for Teams - Remote Work Free Offer | Cloudflare
Cloudflare is a free global CDN and DNS provider that can speed up and protect any site online.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft is providing a special trial licence which is valid for 6 months. This is eligible for customers who are managed by a Microsoft account rep, and have not activated Office 365 E1 trials in the past.

Manage the free Office 365 E1 Trial - Microsoft Teams
If you don’t have Microsoft Teams and need it in a hurry, roll out the Office 365 E1 Trial for your users who need to work remotely or from home (WFH) in response to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak.


LogMeIn is offering critical front-line service providers (health care providers, education institutions, municipalities and non-profit organizations) with a free organization-wide use of LogMeIn product for 3 months.

Coronavirus Disruptions: An Offer of Support to our Communities and Customers - GotoMeeting
As the Coronavirus continues to spread and affect the way organizations around the world do business, LogMeIn is in a unique position to help our customers, their employees and our communities during this time. As a result, we are making it a top priority to do all that we can to assist our customer…


UrbanSitter are providing 2 months of free parent memebership for completing the following form:

UrbanSitter - Open for Business -
As schools are closing and employees are working from home, UrbanSitter is helping working parents find trusted, in-home childcare.


Zoho Remotely will remain free until 1 July 2020.

Zoho Remotely- The Remote Work Suite From Zoho
Looking for a remote work solution? Remotely is a suite of essential business applications including chat, video conferencing, office apps and more which will help you work from anywhere.


IRONSCALES if offering 60 days free licences to help with organizations with their email security.

IRONSCALES do not have a site, so I am including the text from the email which they sent to me:

If your organization, based on the recent outbreak, future is uncertain and you simply can’t afford yet another cybersecurity solution to protect your business or people, we are here to help.
IRONSCALES is offering 60 day FREE licenses to help Prevent, Detect and Respond to Credential Theft, Fake COVID-19 emails, Malicious and BEC emails – zero cost to any organization, no strings attached.
Given the current COVID-19 situation IRONSCALES has taken the decision to provide free licenses for Email security protection to help businesses deal with the pressures of remote working and needs of cyber security protection. There is zero impact to your end users who will have protection while remote working.
IRONSCALES is a comprehensive, people-powered email security platform. Our self-learning platform helps where your email security is most vulnerable with post-delivery protection, detection, and remediation. Now you can defend against the full spectrum of phishing threats when and where they are most likely to cause damage, at the mailbox level.
IRONSCALES is an API based solution there are no MX record changes and zero impact to your end users. The process is a 2 click, non-intrusive 20 minute set up for O365 and GSuite. Everything is included, implementation and support –we are trying to protect our world one mailbox at a time!
Unprecedented times call for doing something different to help the world around us. Our platform has self-learned more than a dozen Coronavirus related email scams the past few days and is constantly learning new ones, every day.
Anti Phishing Email Security Platform | IRONSCALES
IRONSCALES stops phishing attacks now with its self-learning email security platform. Visit our website to learn how we can help your organization.


Comcast is offering low-income families 60 days of their Internet Essentials service, as well as increasing the speed of this service from 15/2 Mbps to 25/3 Mps for all customers using this service.

Comcast Increases Access to and Speeds of Internet Essentials to Support Americans Through Coronavirus Pandemic
Effective March 16, we are putting in place two substantial program enhancements to help low-income families deal with the Coronavirus crisis.

Comcast is even going a step further and offering Xfinity WiFi for everyone. In addition Comcast is pausing their data plans for 60 days, giving unlimited data to customers.

Comcast Announces Comprehensive COVID-19 Response to Help Keep Americans Connected to the Internet
Company Opens Xfinity WiFi Network Nationally for Free, Offers Unlimited Data for Free, Confirms Its Commitment to Connecting Low-Income Families


Redflags is offering a free version of their Redflags™ Security Stories which helps provide guidance on working from home securely:

Trend Micro

Trend Micro is providing their Maximum Security product for an organization's employees' personal PC or Mac. This will be given for 6 months.

Let us help secure your teleworkers
The effects of COVID-19/Coronavirus have been far reaching and we believe we have a responsibility to help where we can. If you have staff currently working from home using their personal computers, we would like to provide your employees a free 6-month license of our consumer internet security prod…


Netsparker is providing 90 day licences for those organizations helping in the fight against COVID-19.

Complimentary Netsparker Licenses for Organizations Fighting COVID-19
To help organizations keep their websites and web applications secure during the coronavirus pandemic, Netsparker is offering complimentary licenses to organizations involved in fighting COVID-19.


Novoresume is providing 1 month free Premium access until April 10 to help those who unfortunately have recently lost their current employment:

Get Novorésumé Premium for Free for One Month | Novorésumé
Due to the spread of COVID-19 and the major unemployment it has caused worldwide, we have decided to offer Novorésumé premium one month for free.

ShareAble for Hires

ShareAble for Hires is offering free pre-employment background checks to small businesses through July 31st2020. This normally costs between $35-$50.

Free Employment Background Check Services | Transunion ShareAble for Hires
TransUnion pre-employment screening enables small business owners to do background checks quickly, easily & effectively. Free with no hidden fees.

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